27th December '11 - Goyt Valley Gundog Society

1st Post Graduate

Judge: Mrs Eve Robinson


14th November '10 - The Meseyside Gundog Club

1st Post Graduate

Judge: Mrs Sheila Tolladay


10th October '10 - Macclesfield Canine Society

1st AV Gundog

**Best Gundog of the Year 2010**


1st October '10 - Driffield Championship Dog Show

1st Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Ms Marion McAngus (Greyfurs)

Critique: Summerfield's Miadsc Diamond, very nice and of good breed type, nice flow of neck to well placed shoulder, level back, slight slope to croup and correct tailset, well muscled and fit for function, good wire coat and furnishings, well angulated, strong hocks.


26th September '10 - Stoke on Trent & District Gundog Club

1st Post Graduate

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Mrs K Palmer (Parmelly)

Critique: Medium sized two year old bitch presenting a balanced picture having moderate angulation front and rear, well furnished head with pleasing expression, I liked her height to length ratio, good length of neck mand depth of brisket. Held her topline both standing and on the move. PG1 and BOB.


5th September '10 - City of Birmingham Championship Show

1st Post Graduate Bitch

(9 Entries)

Judge: Mr Chris Atkinson

Critique: Summerfield's Miadsc Diamond, I liked her in head, eye and expression, balanced throughout, being slightly longer in body than height at the withers. Ideal, would be slightly longer stride in front, but she is so sound.


5th September '10 - Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Open Show

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Mrs J Robertson (Greenwire)


15th August '10 - Bournemouth Championship Show

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Mr Richard Stafford


26th June '10 - Blackpool Championship Show

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Mr G F Williams

1st Post Graduate Rare Breed Bitch

**Reserve Rare Breed Bitch**

Judge: Mr Geoffrey Davies


23rd June '10 - Cheshire County Show

1st Post Graduate (Dog or Bitch)

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Mr G Scobell (Sybaris)


9th June '10 - Three Counties Championship Show

2nd Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Mrs E Gates

Critique: Summerfield's Miadsc Diamond. On standing a beautiful topline, good quarters, typical head, correct eye with a kind expression, moved sound.


16th May '10 - Congleton Canine Society

1st AV Special Yearling

Judge: Mr Alistair Moss (Ewtor)


8th May '10 - Birmingham National Championship Dog Show

3rd Post Graduate Bitch

Judge: Mrs Freda Marshall


3rd April '10 - Buxton & District Canine Asoociation

2nd AV Special Yearling

Judge: Mrs A Rathbone (Whinpenny)



14th March 2010

VHC Post Graduate Bitch

(16 Entries)

3rd Good Citizen Bitch

(8 Entries)

Judge: Mr C Bexon

**Qualified for Crufts 2011**

Critique: Summerfield's Miadsc Diamond. An elegantly headed bitch, with good all round conformation, nice bone and feet, coat not quite as good as 1st and 2nd. Moves quite well. 


7th March '10 - Nantwhich & District Canine Society

1st AVNSC Post Graduate

Judge: Annette Rathbone


31st January '10 - Wilmslow & Alderley Canine Society

1st AV Gundog

1st AV Yearling

**Reserve Best in Show**

Judge: Mrs Rusty Grayson


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