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18th April '15 - HWVA Championship Show

1st Special Awards Open

Judge: Lesley Trow

Critique: Summerfield and Brodericks Phoenix Rising Around Miadsc. Good head and coat, moved well, good in front assembly, well muscled needed a little more weight to finish the picture.



5th March '15

1st Post Graduate Dog

**Best Dog**

**Dog Challenge Certificate**

Judge: Doreen Smillie-Grey

Critique: Summerfield's and Broderick's Phoenix Rising around Miadsc, an easy winner and he has what I am looking for in a HWV - as the standard says more robust than the shorthair, good length, excellent coat, lovely colour and excellent muscle, moderate angulation which all put together meant that he moves like a dream with power and style. Today for me was his day and I am sure will have a bright future. Loved him. 

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