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15th November '15 - Merseyside Gundog

1st Post Graduate

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Shaun Layton


18th October '15 - Goyt Valley Gundog

1st Junior

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Nicola Maddox

Critique: Summerfields Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc, beautiful 17 month bitch with a wonderful head and expression. Correct size, with enough bone without being coarse. Slightly longer than tall in profile, well angulated front and rear, with docked tail set well off slightly sloping croup. Coat still developing, but what was there was of correct texture with no 'soft' furnishings. Precise on the move and true coming and going. A very nice young bitch who I would think will do well in the future. Well presented and handled.


11th October '15 - South Wales Kennel

1st Junior Bitch

Judge: Colin Woodward

Critique: Summerfields Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc. Lovely type of bitch with classic head, sweet expression, correct front, neat feet, strong limbs, good neck and shoulders giving a clean balanced outline, well developed quarters, good wire coat, sound easy action, pushed hard for top honours!!!


27th September '15 - Stoke on Trent Gundog

1st Junior HWV

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Mr G Philpot (Caspar) Republic of Ireland

**Group 4 Best in Show**

Judge: Jean Byrne (Enryb)

Critique: Summerfields Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc, a lovely quality bitch. Super outline and perfect balance. Distinguished bearing, intelligent expression. She moved well with good reach and drive energetically covering her ground. Good return of upper arm. Excellent coat. Exudes breed type.


23rd August '15 - Welsh Kennel

1st Open Bitch

Reserve Best Bitch

**Reserve Bitch CC**

Judge: Frank Kane

Critique: Ambermore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc, 16 months, top class, brimful of breed features and a lovely mover. The croup just a little severe but beautiful head and eyes, correct for bone and coat.


25th July '15 - Leeds Championship Dog Show

1st Junior Bitch

Judge: Aideen Howes

Critique: Lovely open stride when moving, so pleasing in head, expression and earset, depth to rib moderate coupling, strong quarters and moderate turn to stifle. Would like more furnishings but a well made bitch.


4th July '15 - Windsor Championship Dog Show

VHC Junior Bitch

Judge: Chris Atkinson


7th June '15 - Three Counties Championship Show

2nd Junior Bitch

Judge: Carole Coode

Critique: Two very good bitches!!!

Summerfields Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc, 13 months, good balanced outline, pretty feminine head set on clean neck, well made forequarters, 1 was a little better in upperarm, super ribs, loin and topline, well set tail, moved out well, good coat texture.


24th May '15 - Shropshire Gundog

1st Junior HWV

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Julie Frost

Final Shortlist for Best in Show

Judge: Chris Atkinson

Critique: Ambermoor Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc, again standing alone this 13 month old bitch shows lots of promise. She needs to tighten up all through but moved true in front and had a light stride. She has a good head, a correct harsh coat and was handled very well. One for the future.


23rd May'15 - Bath Canine Society

1st Junior Bitch

Judge: Miss F Harper

Critique: Ambermoor Tanzanite Blue of Miadsc, a pleasing bitch with good forechest and depth, correct structure just in a slightly smaller package than I prefer but nice for type. Good coat and pretty head and expression, she moved with elegance and style.


15th May '15 - The Scottish Kennel Club

2nd Junior Bitch

Judge: M Armstrong (Bitcon)


26th April '15 - Welks

2nd Junior Bitch

Judge: Keeley Newman-Jones

Critique: Another lovely feminine young bitch with a strong future. Many of the qualities of the winner but prefer the head and overall balance of 1st. Good front and rear angulation which she used well on the move. Lovely coat.


18th April '15 - HWVA Championship Show

1st Puppy Bitch

**Best Puppy Bitch**

**Reserve Best Puppy in Show**

Judge: Sharon Pinkerton

Critique: Lovely stylish quality bitch, typical feminine head with a lovely expression, long neck leading into clean shoulders, deep well sprung ribs, well boned legs, correct topline, croup a little steep, very good angulation behind, moved soundly and with drive, very good coat.

2nd Special Awards Junior

Judge: Alex Friar

Critique: Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc, balanced head, good forechest and depth of chest, level topline. Moderately angulated. Good legs, bone and feet. Moves soundly. Well presented in good condition and well schooled.


12th April '15 - Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Club of Great Britain

1st Puupy Bitch

**Best Puppy in Show**

Judge: Dr R Suchett-Kaye

Critique: Summerfield's Tanzanite Blue of Miadsc. She won a very strong class today. Super feminine head. Good neck, front and shoulders. Chest reaching to her elbows. Well proportioned body. Wire coat is developing. Shown and moved well.


3rd April '15 - Accrington & District Canine Association

1st Puppy

**Best Puppy in Breed**

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Kim Lathaen (Tyrdyma)

**Gundog Puppy Group 3**

Judge: Claire Sharp (Afterglow)

Critique: Summerfields Ambermoor Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc, only just still in puppy but with a mature head, wide set eyes with a soft and gentle expression. Flush coloured nose, full dentition, soft lips. Good neck and forechest, moved with drive and purpose.


29th March '15 - Gundog Club of North Wales

2nd Graduate

**Best Puppy in Breed**

**Puppy Group 4**

Judge: Honor Talbot (Dellersbeck)


28th February '15 - Ashton in Makerfield

1st Junior

**Best Puppy in Breed**

Judge: Penny Sands (Krakenekis)


18th January '15 - Manchester

2nd Puppy

Judge: Per Iverson

Critique: Summerfield's Ambermoore Tanzanite Blue at Miadsc, comes into her own on the move, still very much a puppy. Typical head, slightly arched neck, strong topline.


11th January '15 - Goyt Valley

2nd Junior 

Judge: B Allinson



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