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10th December '11 - Ladies Kennel Association

1st Good Citizen

Judge: Mrs Jenny Miller

Critique: Presented a nice outline on stance and moved with excellent side stride and very sound, stylish feminine head, well shaped and coated, angulated upper arm and depth of chest, straight forelegs well boned, nicw body depth and well ribbed, good return of stifle, well muscled, well presented coat of good length and colour, would have liked tail carried a little better on move.


12th November '11 - Liverpool Kennel Association

1st AVNSC Open

Judge: Robert Geary


12th October '11 - Gundog Society of Wales

3rd Open

Judge: Mr A Scourfield


25th September '11 - Stoke on Trent & District Gundog Club

1st Open

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Mrs Barbara Stamp


6th August '11 - National Gundog Association Championship Show

Reserve Open Bitch

Judge: Mrs Donna Holman


2nd August '11 - Paignton Championship Show

3rd Open Bitch

Judge: Mrs Linda Upton (Tragus)


12th June '11 - The North West Golden Retriever Club Show

1st Open

**Best in Show**

Judge: Melanie Heaton


22nd May '11 - The Scottish Kennel Club

Reserve Open Bitch

Judge: Mrs C Morgan (Cwsscwn)


8th May '11 - Birmingham National Dog Show

3rd Open Bitch

Judge: Mrs Jean Fairlie

**Qualified for Crufts 2012**


1st May '11 - Gundog Club of North Wales

2nd HWV Open

Judge: Mrs Jean Marshall (Jepejo)


23rd April '11 Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Championship Show

Special Awards

3rd Not Bred by Exhibitor Dog or Bitch

Judge: Mr Mike Lewin (Vynesbrook)


Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Association Annual Awards

2nd Highest Score BOS Show Points


22nd April '11 - Accrington & District Canine Association

1st Open HWV

Judge: Tricia Grime (Ansona)


27th March '11 - Goyt Valley Gundog Society

1st Open 

Judge: Mrs D E Hardie


30th January '11 - Stoke on Trent & District Gundog Club

1st Open HWV

**Best of Breed**

Judge: Mr A Taylor (Maursett)


23rd January '11 - Manchester Championship Show

3rd Open Bitch

Judg: Dr Ronald W James





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