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19th November '16 - Northwich & District Canine Society

1st Junior Bitch

**Reserve Best of Breed**

Judge: Barbara Stamp

Critique: 13 month old bitch still very much a baby, lovely expression with medium set ears, good lay of shoulder and correct angulation, sandy coloured wire jacket covering body, correct length/height ratio, good hind angulation.


25th September '16 - Stoke on Trent Gundog

1st Junior

**Best Puppy in Breed**

**Reserve Best of Breed**

2nd Puppy Stakes

Judge: Mark Boswell


19th August '16 - Welsh Kennel Club

1st Puppy Bitch

Best Puppy Bitch

Judge: Jenny Miller

Critique: Very pretty youngster, just 10 months, did think she was much younger. Small well worked and balanced head, expressive eyes and neat ears, good arch to neck into shoulder into firm backline and slight croup fall to well set and carried tail. Correct fore angles, depth to chest and body nicely ribbed back, arch to loin. Well presented harsh light gold coat with undercoat. Super sound driving action.


14th August '16 - Bournemouth Championship Show

1st Puppy Bitch

Judge: Liz Harper

Critique: Pretty girl who has a good coat developing, I like her for outline and balance, correct in forehand with sufficient angulation to her quarters but I find her  shade too fine all through at the moment. She has plenty of time to develop and mature in body. Her movement is good and she is well handled.


6th August '16 - Paignton Championship Show

2nd Junior Bitch

**Best Puppy in Breed**

Judge: Alastair Moss

Critique: Precious is probably the best word for this lovely puppy, pretty head that is well proportioned and of a good shape, good neck and shoulders, good overall shape and good hindquarter assembly with a good bend of stifle, just needs time.


1st July '16 - Windsor Championship Show

3rd Minor Puppy Bitch

Judge: Rachel Thompson


25th June '16 - Blackpool Championship Show

2nd Puppy Bitch

Judge: Mr Juha Kares (Finland)

Critique: Miadsc Precious Pearl, very promising female who was still very much a puppy. Very promising head with a nice expression. She was a very nice mover for her age.


19th June '16 - Border Union

3rd Puppy Bitch

Judge: Jacqui Ward


9th June '16 - Three Counties Championship Show

VHC Puppy Bitch

Judge: Chris Guest


5th June '16 - Southern Counties Championship Show

4th Puppy bitch

Judge: Dr Robert Suchett-Kaye


28th May '16 - Bath Championship Show

2nd Puppy Bitch

Judge: Gary Upton

Critique: Miadsc Precious Pearl, very sweet head and eye, good front and topline, good wire coat but would like her bigger all over. Moved well.


22nd April '16 - Welks Championship Show

1st Puppy Bitch

**Best Puppy in Breed**

Judge: Ilex Whiting


16th April '16 - Buxton & District Canine Association

1st AV Minor Puppy

Judge: Mrs Kim McLintock


9th April '16 - Wellingborough & District Canine Society

1st Puppy AVNSC

**Best Puppy AVNSC**

**Gundog Puppy Group 3**

Judge: Mr Bob Needham

Critique: Miadsc Precious Pearl, 6 month old bitch, a real youngster with the most appealing head and expression, good neck and shoulders, turn of stifle and neat feet, moved well for one so young.


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